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Welcome to Awakening of EVO

Who we are:

We are an English speaking guild on Crom PvE Server, enjoying all the aspects of the game, both PvP and PvE content. Guild came together after a merge in 2012 of Awakening and Legends, then few days later [EVO] joined aswell. Many of us have been ingame since launch of AoC.

Our main focus is on end-game content. Raiding is a part of this goal that is why our first task is to fill up our main raid to progress in end-game content. Advancing in raids requires mature (no matter the age) players that are willing to put in the effort that is needed to advance and be willing to learn and develop their character.

We dont have a very strong PvP community but PvP players is also welcome as long as they take part in other activites like Hm's and raids.

Our goals and vision:

Our vision is to be a active, fun and friendly guild on Crom that focus on end-game content and higer-tier raids.

1. Have a full raiding squad that is stable and good enough to clear all higher tier raids in one week.

2. Have enough players online so we can have regular Hm groups.


Awakening of Evo is recruiting social and active players. All classes is welcome to apply to the guild. All players join as casual players, we dont recruit raiders directly to our raids, and we dont guarantee any raiding spots unless we are in critical need. To become a raider you have to prove yourself over time and sooner or later a chance will open up.

Application link

Guild attributes:

Full T3 guild city in Poitain - Teamspeak server - Guild bot - Homepage - Raidplanner.


Raid schedule:

Tuesday - 1st main raid (T5/T6) - 19:00 to 22:00uk
Sunday - 2nd main raid (T5/T6) - 19:00 to 22:00uk
Thursday - Optional raid - 19:00 to 22:00uk.
Friday - Social event or optional raid/fun raids - 19.00uk - 22.00uk
Monday - Optional raid - 19:00 to 22:00uk.

At the moment we are working on learning T6 and trying to clear T5 each week. We do T3 crafting from time to time.

What we want:

We are interested in recruiting mature players that is friendly, helpful, loyal, take part in the community and try to be active also when we not raid. Our main focus is on doing hm's and progressing in higher tier raids. So if you are focused on end-game content, want to progress and develop your character, is friendly and helpful against other players, and also try to be online when we not raid then you are a player that will fit well into the guild. In the end the most important for us is that you are friendly and that take part in keeping the community alive.

What you can expect:

When you join our guild you are free to participate in all activities we have. All players can sign up for all our raids but for most raids active and loyal players have priority. You will earn DKP from the start, you will also get a DKP start bonus so you can bid on items from the first raid you join.

But to make it very clear, we don't promise any spots in raids. To join end-game raids we need to know that you are able to do your part. Taking undergeared and bad performing players to raids is not fair toward the rest of the raiders.

Beside from raids we are doing Hm's and questing. On rare ocasions we also have some competitions, do guild pvp mingames and some social events to get a break from the normal gameplay.

Guildleaders: Corteez and Skydreamer.

Recruitment officer: Rousana

Recruitment assistant: Euklid

Updated 30.04.15

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